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Who Needs a Learner Permit

All 16 and 17 year olds must first obtain a learner permit before practice driving. People age 18 and over do not need a learner permit to practice driving.

How to Obtain a Learner Permit

All 16 and 17 year olds must pass a 25 question knowledge learners permit test before they can obtain a learner permit. We strongly suggest that you take some time and thoroughly study the Connecticut Driver's Manual before you take this test. All the material on the test is in that manual, including information on the restrictions for 16 and 17 year olds.

Some commercial driving schools offer a knowledge test prep course (which does not count toward required 30 hours of commercial/secondary school classroom training).

NOTE: If you currently hold a non-driver ID, you must surrender it when you receive a learner permit. The number on your non-driver ID is used as the learner permit number.

Learner Permit knowledge testing is done at a full service branch office.

Walk-in testing hours

Testing will stop at 11a.m. on those days that the office closes early. Please see Holiday Hours for a complete list of office closings.

Once you feel confident about your level of knowledge, you and your parent/legal guardian will come to the DMV Branch office. Connecticut law requires that one parent or legal guardian be available and take a 2 hour parent training at a commercial driving school before a teen is eligible for a driver license. If your parent or legal guardian is unable to attend the 2 hour parent training, you will not be eligible for a Connecticut driver license until you reach age 18.

Your first stop will be at the information desk where you will be instructed to enter your information into the kiosk to start the permit process. You will then be directed to the testing area.